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The trip will start with the tour of Matera and the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, rich in caves and ravines that are marked by the typically Mediterranean history and nature: you will find prehistoric caves, neolithic villages, frescoed churches and houses dug into the rock.

It goes on with the Lucan Dolomites, in the centre of the region, with its gems Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano. Once you have crossed the Calanchi between Craco Vecchia and Montalbano Jonico, the next stage will be the Pollino National Park, a picturesque massif surrounded by coloured valleys and streams flowing down and rocky mountains that preserve jealously the best examples of the rare Loricato pine.

The last stage will bring you to the Tyrrhenian coast: in Maratea you will enjoy a unique view. The unpolluted nature, the strong light and panoramas will leave you enchanting memories of this journey on foot in Basilicata.

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Day 1

The Sassi of Matera

Independent arrival in Matera. Accommodation in hotel or B&B and urban trekking in the Sassi districts (UNESCO heritage) and the old town: the baroque city, the Romanesque churches and the rupestrian civilization (duration: 3 hours). Dinner in a local restaurant in the Sassi. Overnight stay.

Gradient: 200m

Duration: 3 hours

Length: 4km

Day 2

The Murgia and the Rock Churches

A walk on the Murgia, in search of the archaeological and naturalistic treasures of the Park of the Rupestrian Churches. You will cross the Gravina of Matera with its beautiful views and unique paths. Packed lunch in the caves. Free afternoon in town.

Gradient: 200m

Duration: 5-6 hours

Length: 9km

Day 3

Lucan Dolomites: From Pietrapertosa to Castelmezzano

Transfer to Pietrapertosa, it will require about 80 minutes. A trekking by the side of the old path that connects the small villages of Pietrapertosa (1088 m) and Castelmezzano (750 m), the heart of the Lucan Dolomites. Tour of Castelmezzano and walk among the needles of sandstone that surround the village and characterize the landscape. Return, through the same path, to Pietrapertosa. Return to Matera and overnight stay.

Gradient: 900 m

Duration: 7 hours

Length: 15km

Day 4

Teatro dei Calanchi, a Pisticci

The Calanchi

A long excursion that crosses the distinguishing landscape of gullies in the Ionian area of Basilicata. From Montalbano you will reach, crossing glorious gullies, the rocky spur of Timpa Petrolla. In the afternoon, there would be the possibility of a tour of Craco, the “ghost” town. Transfer to Viggianello for dinner and overnight stay.

Gradient: 300m

Duration: 4 hours

Length: 12 km

Day 5

Serra delle Ciavole and Serra di Crispo

It’s certainly the most beautiful excursion for the view extension and the uniqueness of the landscapes. On top of Sierras (a mountain with a long ridge) there are many specimens of Loricato pine, even millenary ones, and, in particular, several dead ones that keep on standing without bark or leaves for decades, creating a charming and magical atmosphere that earned the title of “the Garden of the Gods”. Return to Viggianello, dinner and overnight stay.

Gradient: 700m

Duration: 6-7 hours

Length: 15-18 km

Day 6

The Ancient Beechwood of Cozzo Ferriero

Besides the Loricato pine, the Pollino National Park has the merit of preserving a strip of an ancient beechwood, untouched by logging for ages. It’s a stark forest, wilderness, not very touristy, despite the millenary presence of man that has a deep cultural connection with it. Return to Viggianello, dinner and overnight stay.

Gradient: 569m

Duration: 6 hours

Length: 9 km

Day 7

The Maratea Coast

An excursion from Trecchina to Maratea with a view over the Gulf of Policastro. Wonderful karstic shapes, caves and spring flowerings make this landscape unique. From Mount San Biagio, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is located, you will reach the old town of Maratea along a paved road. Tour of the town and stop to bathe in the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Accommodation in hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

Gradient: 550m

Duration: 5 hours

Length: 11 km

Day 8

Breakfast and end of services

Breakfast, transfer to Maratea station and end of services.

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